How the EV Startup Rivian made itself for the next Tesla

  • Rivian has started producing its debut vehicle, the R1T electric pickup.
  • The car has generated positive first impressions.
  • Experts consider Rivian the most promising competitor among today’s EV startups.
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A new generation of electric cars is launching to give American consumers their first new car brands to choose from since Tesla debuted in 2008. The first to arrive is the Rivian, which began building its R1T pickup in September.

The vehicle has generated positive first impressions, including from Insiders Tim Levin, who wrote that the R1T “completely reverses the script of what a pickup can be” after driving it. Whether customers have a similar impression remains to be seen, but the company has put itself strongly in a position to take on the many challenges that come with starting a car manufacturer.

Rivian has raised more money than any of its competitors, landed an investment and van order from Amazon and is preparing for an IPO later this year. The company is aiming for a valuation of about $ 80 billion, Bloomberg reported, many times greater than the approximately $ 2 billion valuation Tesla received during its 2010 IPO.

Read on to learn more about R1T, why investors and experts believe Rivian is the biggest competitor among today’s generation of EV startups, and what you can do to position yourself to get a job there.

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