How to change your Facebook password

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Most people use awful passwords. If you’re one of them, you should change all your important passwords to something much more secure – and believe it or not, it includes Facebook.

If someone has access to your Facebook account, they have a huge amount of your personal data, can probably log in to many other sites and services that pretend to be you, and may even cheat on your friends. So you should keep it protected. How to change your Facebook password.

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Change your Facebook password online

Start by logging in to the Facebook site, then select the scroll bar in the upper right corner and select “Settings and Privacy.”

Click the scroll arrow in the upper right corner and select "Settings and privacy"

Click the “Settings” option from the following menu.

click on "Settings" possibility

Now select “Security and Login” from the left sidebar, then click “Change Password” from the login section.

choose "Security and login" from the sidebar, then click "Change Password"

Enter your current password and your new password twice. If it is too short, weak, or the confirmation does not match, Facebook will notify you.

Enter your current Facebook password and your new password twice

Once you have a strong password, click “Save Changes”. You will be asked if you want to stay logged in to all your other devices. If you believe your account has been hacked, select “Sign out of other devices.” Otherwise you are okay with “Stay logged in”.

And that’s what your Facebook password has changed.

Change your Facebook password on iPhone, iPad or Android

Open the Facebook app on your iPhone, iPad or Android, then select the “Menu” button with three lines at the bottom right (on iPhone and iPad) or at the top right (on Android). From there, expand the “Settings and Privacy” setting and press “Settings”.

Press the menu button, expand "Settings and privacy," and select "Settings"

Select “Password and Security” from the Account section.

choose "Password and security" possibility

Scroll down to the Login section and tap “Change Password.”

choose "Change Password" possibility

Enter your current password and then your new password twice. Click “Update Password” and your new Facebook password will be saved.

Enter your current password, new passwords, and press "Update password"

A good password is only part of having a secure Facebook account. You should also check out our guide on some of the other things you can do to make it as safe as possible. If you have difficulty remembering your passwords or using secure ones, you should also consider using a password manager.

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