How to enable translation of inline messages in Microsoft Teams

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Microsoft Team’s inline message translation feature allows users to translate instant messaging. With more than 60 languages ​​supported, it is a great way to understand colleagues from different countries.

What Inline Message Translation can and cannot do

Microsoft Team supports more than 60 languages. Some of the more popular languages ​​include Arabic, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), English, Spanish and Russian along with lesser used languages ​​(eg Slovak and Welsh) For a list of all languages, visit the Microsoft Guide to the feature.

Unfortunately, Microsoft Teams Inline Message Translation feature cannot translate entire chat threads automatically or in real time. Unlike the Microsoft Edge ability to automatically translate entire sites, Teams forces you to translate each message one at a time.

In addition, the Microsoft Teams app default language needs to be changed, which changes the language of all settings and navigation menu items. This can be offset for people who prefer to use the app in their native language.

How to use Microsoft Teams Inline Message Translation

To use Microsoft Teams Inline Message Translation for the first time, download and install Microsoft Teams by visiting Microsoft Teams and then creating a profile.

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After opening Microsoft Teams and configuring your profile, click on the top right thumbnail in the top navigation bar and then click on “Manage Account.”

Click the Manage Account button

Click the “General” tab and scroll down to the “Languages” section. Select the desired app language from the drop-down menu, then click “Save and Restart”.

Select a language you want to be the app language

From here, the app closes and restarts.

Then go to any chat thread, double-click on the message you want to translate, then click on the three-dot icon in the icon menu at the top right and click “Translate”. This will produce an instant translation based on the language you have selected in Settings.

Click the translate button

To undo a translation, click on the message’s top right menu menu and click “View Original Message.”

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A lumpy feature best for light conversations

Microsoft Team’s inline message translation feature is not the most useful. Although Teams can translate accurately, the above limitations can cause problems if you prefer to use the app in your native language or want real-time translations.

Look for the Microsoft Team inline message translation feature for short message sessions that do not require much manual switching.

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