How to export Chrome bookmarks

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A finely curated list of bookmarks makes your online experience much easier. We’ll show you how to export your Google Chrome bookmarks so you can bring them to any new browser and feel at home.

Exporting your bookmarks creates an HTML file that you can then import to many browsers and have all your bookmarks downloaded. You can move them from one Chrome browser to another – if you do not like Chrome Sync – or to a completely different browser.

First, open Google Chrome on your Windows, Mac, Chromebook or Linux PC. Click on the menu icon with three dots in the upper right corner.

Then hover over “Bookmarks” and select “Bookmark Manager”.

Hover over "Bookmarks" and select "Bookmark Manager."

On the Bookmarks Manager page, click the three-dot menu icon in the top blue bar and select “Export Bookmarks.”

This will create an HTML file containing all your bookmarks. Now you can choose where you want to save the file. Rename the file if you want and click “Save” once you have selected a location.

Select a location and "Saving" the file.

That’s all there is to it! You can use the HTML file to set up a new browser, but do not forget to delete your bookmarks that are no longer needed. Take good care of your precious bookmarks!

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