How to flip a multimedia flash card spreadsheet

This fall, I have answered more questions about creating flashcards than I have done in previous years. In almost all cases, Flippity has been my suggestion for a free tool for creating multimedia flashcards.

With Flippity’s flashcard template, you can create multimedia flashcards by simply entering terms into a Google Sheet. Your flashcards can contain audio, video, images and text. In this new video, I demonstrate how to create a set of multimedia flashcards using Flippity’s Google Sheets template.

A bonus of using Flippity is that as I point out at the end of the video, when you create a set of flashcards with Flippity’s template, you also create matching activities and practice quizzes at the same time.

Applications for education

You can make flash cards for your students, or students can use this template alone. Because the template is a Google Sheets template, you can get students to collaborate on creating a set of flashcards together.

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