How to make a pie chart in Google Sheets

Google Sheets Pie Chart

Graphs and charts give you visual ways to represent data. So if you want to show parts of a whole, a pie chart is the way to go. You can easily create and customize a pie chart in Google Sheets.

Create a pie chart in Google Sheets

Making a chart in Google Sheets is a lot simpler than you might think. Select the data you want to use for the chart. You can do this by dragging through the cells that contain the data.

Then click Insert> Chart in the menu.

Click Insert, Chart

You will immediately see a recommended graph based on your data. It may be a pie chart, but if not, don’t worry, you can easily change it.

Select the chart and click on the three dots that appear at the top right of it. Click “Edit Chart” to open the chart editor sidebar.

Select Edit Chart

On the Setup tab at the top of the sidebar, click the Chart Type drop-down list. Scroll down to the pie section and select the pie chart style you want to use. You can select a pie chart, a donut chart, or a 3D pie chart.

Choose a pie chart style

You can then use the other options on the Setup tab to adjust the data area, change rows and columns, or use the first row as headings.

Set up the pie chart

Once the chart is updated with your style and setup adjustments, you are ready to make your adjustments.

Customize a pie chart in Google Sheets

Click the Customize tab at the top of the sidebar in the Chart Editor. You will see more sections; most are available for all graphs you use in Google Sheets.

Google Sheets Chart Editor, Customize

Below Chart style, select a background color, font style, and chart border color.

Chart style settings

In it Chart and axis titles section, change the title, add a subtitle and format the font.

Chart title settings

Below Legend, place the explanation and select a font, size, format and color.

Possible explanations

For pie charts in particular, you have two additional sections to work with: pie chart and pie chart. These areas allow you to customize your pie exactly as you like.

Below Pie chart, add and align a donut hole in the center or choose an edge color for the pie. You can then add labels to each disc if you want. You can choose between Label, Value, Percent or Value and Percent. If you add slice labels, you can then format the font style, size, format, and color.

Pie chart options

In it Pie slice section, change the color of individual slices by selecting one from the drop-down list and then selecting a color below. You can also use the Distance from Center drop-down menu to make specific slices jump out of the center of the chart.

Options for pie slice

Additional chart settings

You can move the chart by selecting and dragging it where you want it. You can also resize the chart by dragging inward or outward from a corner or border.

To remove the chart, download, publish, copy or move it or add alternate text, click the three dots at the top right of the chart and select an action.

Short actions

Google Sheets makes it easy to create and customize a chart. So if you are interested in trying other types of visuals, take a look at how to make a geographic map chart in Google Sheets.

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