How to monetize live streaming on Twitch, TikTok and Instagram

  • Live streaming is a way for influencers to monetize content.
  • The format has gained momentum in the past year, with platforms like Twitch growing significantly.
  • Creators can make money through tips, sponsored streams, product sales and more.
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Over the past year, live streaming has seen an increase across major social media platforms due to the pandemic and a growing appetite for video content. That meant a boost in revenue for creators who earn hundreds – and in some cases more than $ 1,000 – dollars a week live.

Live shopping, which influencers are helping to popularize, is estimated to become a $ 6 billion market in the United States this year. Twitch, a platform designed for and around live streaming, grew from 1.6 million average concurrent viewers in March 2020 to 2.5 million viewers last month, according to TwitchTracker, which tracks analytics on the Amazon-owned site.

Whether they continue live

, Instagram, TikTok or YouTube, influencers of all types use the format to connect with fans and make money.

Influencers can use livestreaming to make money by getting tips from viewers, countries paid partnerships with brands, selling products or getting viewers to pay a fee to become a subscriber or channel member.

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Lucy Davis, a 40-year-old ASMR content creator, built an audience of more than 500,000 followers by going live on TikTok. During each TikTok livestream, she can earn up to $ 300 from “gifts” – TikTok’s virtual tip feature – viewers send her.

James Curtis started streaming in April 2018 and gained a following by combining ASMR content with “Apex Legends” gameplay. He plays under the username “Darker4Serenity” and has over 27,000 followers. He earns about $ 2,600 a month from subscriptions, sponsorships and donations on Twitch.

Insider has spoken to a handful of creators, startups and industry insiders about the rise of live streaming and how creators make money by going live.

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