How to raise villagers in Minecraft

Even in Survival mode, Minecraft gives you enormous control over your world. You can cultivate forests, blast mountains, enter new universes – there’s not much you can not do.

Your control also includes the game’s NPCs. If you want to make more villagers without wandering around to find a new village, you can breed the villagers together. It may sound strange, but it’s an effective way to bump into a city’s population or even create your own city.

How to breed villagers in Minecraft, either manually or with an automatic breeder.

How to breed villagers in Minecraft

If you just want a few new villagers, breeding them is a pretty quick process. Here’s what you need:

  • At least two villagers
  • At least one bed for each villager, plus one more
  • Food – bread, carrots, potatoes or beets

1. Get your villagers close to each other. The best way to do this is to build a wall around them and capture them inside, or build a structure and move a villager into it using a boat.

2. When your villagers are stuck in a small room, place beds around them. You must have more beds than you have villagers, as the child they have will also need a bed. And every bed you place must have at least two blocks of free space above it.

A Minecraft screenshot of two villagers inside a wooden bed with three beds.

Get your villagers into an enclosed space.

Mojang; William Antonelli / Insider

3. Now you need to increase the “willingness” of your villagers. Villagers only breed when they are “willing” enough, and you can increase a villager’s willingness by feeding them. Here is how effective each type of food is:

4. Feed your villagers – you can just throw it at them – until hearts pop up over their heads. That means they are willing.

Two Minecraft villagers with hearts over their heads.

Hearts will appear over the heads of the villagers when they are willing.

Mojang; William Antonelli / Insider

5. Wait. The next time two willing villagers bump into each other, they should stand together for a few moments and then give birth to a baby villager between them.

A baby villager in Minecraft looking up at two adult villagers.

The little villager stays near his parents.

Mojang; William Antonelli / Insider

You can continue with this until you have as many villagers as you want – just remember that you need more beds than villagers. Baby villagers will “grow up” 20 minutes after they are born.

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