How to record and embed audio in Google Docs

Last Friday, I posted a video on all the things that can be done in Google Workspace after installing the Mote Chrome extension. The latest of these things is the ability to record audio and integrate it directly into your Google Docs. When you do this, you can play the sound without leaving the document. This is a huge improvement over simply including a link to a hosted audio file in your document and then having to listen to it in a separate browser window.

Watch this short video to learn how to use Mote to record and integrate audio into Google Docs. By the way, Fashion calls these “hypermotes.”

Applications for education

I can see that this is a useful tool for students learning a new language, to record themselves and then get some feedback from you. For example, you could write a short monologue in Spanish that studnets can read aloud and record. That recording could then be made and pasted into a Google document that they share with you so you can listen to their pronunciation.

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