How to shop for indulgent desserts and great gifts

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  • Milk stick‘s indulgent cakes, cookies and pies are great gifts for anyone with a sweet tooth.
  • Its online store ships delicious treats, cookbooks and more nationwide for a fixed price of $ 15.

Imagine the detailed, sugary confectionery you dreamed of eating as a child. The strange but delicious compositions – like cookies filled with marshmallows and cornflakes – that your parents would not let you create for fear that you would be woken up all night with sugar.

You can actually find these funky creations at the Milk Bar and they are even better than you could have ever imagined.

What is Milk Bar?

Inventive, sweet treats are what make Milk Bar one of the liveliest bakeries around. Christina Tosi – Milk Bar’s founder, chef and creative brain – has always put dessert first. When she was growing up, she had a passion for baking cookies. She later fine-tuned her baking skills in culinary school and continued to work for David Chang, helping him create a dessert menu for his empire of Momofuku restaurants. It was the starting shot for what eventually became the Milk Bar, now an empire of its own.

If you ever walked past a Milk Bar store before the pandemic, you probably saw a line spreading out the door. People love Tosis’ unique twists on classics like chocolate cakes and soft-serve ice cream. Fortunately, you do not have to live near a milk bar to try some of the store’s delicacies.

How can you shop online?

The Milk Bar online store has a huge selection of sweets that can be delivered right to your door. It is a great place to find gifts for the sweet tooth in your life or even to pamper yourself. Sending a friend a plain can of cookies to say congratulations is a sweet gesture, but Milk Bar takes it up with unique flavor combinations and colorful presentations that are perfect for any occasion.

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Milk stick

Send delicious treats

There may be no better way to say “I love you” or “I miss you” than a box filled with something sweet and delicious. You can buy almost all of Milk Bar’s most popular desserts online, except for milkshakes and the infamous whole milk soft serve.

Choose from à la carte favorites like Compost Cookie or Milk Bar Pie, or go for one of Milk Bar’s bundles cured for all kinds of occasions. The Cheerleader box is a perfect way to celebrate big milestones, and The Classic birthday bundle contains enough cake and truffles for a small party.

The prices are a little more than you would expect for dessert, but the recipes are much more innovative and special than your usual chocolate cake or cake.

Milk Bar ships nationwide in the United States for a flat fee of $ 15, though there are often shipping promotions to be found.

Shop the seasonal gift shop

If you want to keep it festive, the season’s gift shop is filled with sweets that are put together for different holidays and events.

For the holidays, The Pumpkin Milk Bar Pie ($ 48) is a unique twist on a traditional favorite.

For other occasions like birthdays, The Ultimate Birthday ($ 142) is a set that includes a classic Milk Bar Pie, a 6-inch birthday cake, a dozen B’Day truffles and six different cookies. If you want to send something a little smaller, you can order a dozen B’Day Truffles ($ 26).

Check out Milk Bar merch

If they love Milk Bar or baking in general, there are items like totes, cookbooks and mugs. They will be proud to show off their sweet tooth on some adorable merch.

Take an online baking course

Milk Bar previously held baking courses for $ 95 per person. Person at select NYC, DC, and LA stores, but classes closed due to the pandemic. Now you can sign up for a one-month course for $ 249 and learn how to develop your own original recipes from Tosi yourself.

For a free alternative, send them Milk Bar’s most popular recipes to recreate at home. You can thank us later when you dig into a homemade compost cake.

The bottom line

Whatever the occasion, Milk Bar treats will put a smile on someone’s face. Desserts can be more expensive than most, but they are also much more indulgent than your traditional treat, and that’s what makes them great for special occasions. Whether it’s a treat cake with cookies or a surprising birthday cake, Milk Bar is definitely worth it.

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