Hulu gives a first glimpse of Amanda Seyfried as Elizabeth Holmes

Hulu has finally given us a glimpse of Amanda Seyfried as Elizabeth Holmes in her own bid for the real Silicon Valley drama. The apostasy is a limited series centered around Holmes’ fraudulent blood test startup, Theranos, and is based on an ABC podcast that goes by the same name.

Saturday Night Live star Kate McKinnon was originally scheduled to take the lead role, but she reportedly dropped out of production in February. Seyfried was confirmed to take over McKinnon’s place back in March. So far, Seyfried seems to fit the role quite well; she has the same updo, red lipstick and signature black turtleneck that Holmes is known for. Naveen Andrews, who previously starred in Lost, will play Sunny Balwani, Holmes’ ex-girlfriend and former Theranos president.

Just before things crashed, Theranos was valued at $ 9 billion, and Holmes was considered the youngest self-made female billionaire. The startup obtained funding from aspiring investors who believed in the company’s non-existent ability to accurately perform dozens of tests using just a drop of blood. Holmes is now charged with 12 counts of wire fraud and conspiracy to commit wire fraud and risks up to 20 years in prison.

Rebecca Jarvis, Victoria Thompson and Taylor Dunn, the same trio behind The apostasy podcast, returns as executive producers on the show alongside showrunner Elizabeth Meriwether. The series is set to make its debut on Hulu on March 3, 2022. Apple announced Bad blood earlier this month, a film that also follows the Theranos saga and stars Jennifer Lawrence as Holmes.

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