Internet of Things News – Monogoto and Workz partner with their eSIM cloud as they prepare for the growth of the Internet of Things

Monogoto and Workz are partnering with their eSIM cloud as they prepare for the growth of the Internet of Things

Monogoto, the global connectivity provider, has partnered with global eSIM provider, Workz, to create a cloud platform to manage both consumers and M2M eSIM devices for its customer base in 180 countries.

The agreement comes as part of the company’s continued growth strategy.

Embedded SIM (eSIM) technologyIt is a major driver of the Internet of Things (IoT), and is expected to be used in six billion devices such as smartphones, consumer electronics, health monitoring, transportation and smart energy by 2025. Monogoto uses eSIM technology to provide connectivity services for devices such as points of sale, ATMs, wearables, smart lights and fleets Cars and packages. The partnership between the two companies will give Monogoto customers the flexibility to change profiles and install sims for devices powered by QR codes.

According to the GSMA, eSIM services have grown by 500% in the past three years with more than 230 network providers in 80 countries offering the next generation of SIM technology. Last year, Workz became the first provider to launch a GSMA-certified cloud-based eSIM management platform for networks, and in May this year, it was named one of the top five eSIM platform providers in the world for the second year in a row despite increased competition in The market has doubled.

Itamar Konek, CEO of Monogoto, said: “We are proud of our partnership with Workz and offer our customers a new eSIM platform. Moving to Workz’s eSIM cloud was much easier and faster than expected. This move gives Monogoto the flexibility to meet the evolving communication needs of our customers and partners as they arise.”

Tor Malmros, CEO of Workz said: “eSIM adoption is rapidly increasing as opportunities for operators expand across the consumer and M2M segments – and developments such as the first eSIM-only iPhone expected to launch in September will add to this. Our cloud-based solution is designed to enable innovative connectivity providers like Monogoto to rapidly expand into this new market. This allows them to move quickly, grow and make a tangible return on investment.”

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