January 5, 2022 coronavirus update for Oakville

This is the coronavirus update on Wednesday, January 5, 2022. Oakville reported 290 new cases today, and there are now more than 2,000 Ontarians in the hospital with COVID.

Active cases in Oakville continue to climb, and are now close to 1,500. The massive waves of COVID infections across the country are causing problems for healthcare systems and shortages of staff in the industry. Yesterday, two hospitals in Ontario declared a “Code Orange.” Today, the Winnipeg Police Department declares an “internal state of emergency” because a large percentage of its officers are on sick leave or infected with the virus.

Closer to home, Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital has 32 coronavirus patients – just half of COVID-related hospital admissions in Halton. Halton hospitals currently have 8 COVID patients in ICU beds, representing 78% of their capacity. Positivity rates remain high in Oakville, as well as throughout Ontario.

Steven Del Duca, the leader of the Ontario Liberal Party, called on Prime Minister Ford to ask the federal government for military assistance in response to this new wave of pandemics. Both Quebec and Nova Scotia governments have announced they are delaying the return to school for children and the Yukon reported its 16th COVID death.

** Fax Entry Update: Halton continues to book first- and second-dose vaccinations for all residents ages 5 and older, plus third-dose boosters for all adults 18 and older.

Booster doses and appointments for children need to be made in advance, but first and second doses for those 12 and older are available on a walk-in basis.

All vaccines approved for use in Canada effectively protect you against COVID-19 and all known variants of care.

** CLICK HERE to book a first, second or third vaccination appointment at a fax clinic in Halton Region **

Note: Oakville News updates are published at least five days a week, sharing new Halton data from Tuesday through Friday and Ontario, Canada, and globally Monday through Saturday.

Oakville and Halton COVID-19 update

  • Oakville reports 290 new cases – 89 more new cases than yesterday’s count
  • Halton daily number is 629 – plus 163
  • There are nearly 1,500 active cases in Oakville alone
  • Halton hospitals currently have 8 confirmed COVID patients on the ICU, representing approximately 78% of their capacity
  • There are currently 64 COVID patients in all of Halton’s hospitals – plus 15
  • Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital has 32 patients – min 4
  • Halton region has administered nearly 150,000 booster fax doses

Summary of Oakville vaccinations

  • 84% of all Oakville residents are fully incarcerated
  • 86% of all Oakville residents have received at least one dose

Changes in numbers have been since the Oakville News update on January 4, 2022.

  • 1,494 active cases – plus 110
  • 8,662 cases resolved – plus 180
  • 3,619 cases of COVID variant
  • 32 patients at Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital – minus 4

  • 10,225 total cases (confirmed and probable) – plus 290
  • 69 dead – no change
  • 8,731 completed (recovery + deaths) cases – 85.4% of cases
  • 12 active outbreaks – plus 5

Status in Halton

  • 89% of all Halton residents are fully vaccinated – no change
  • 87% of all residents received at least one dose – no change

  • 137,528 Halton residents received a booster shot – plus 7,551
  • At least 1.07 million total vaccinations administered – increase of more than 100,000

Changes in numbers have been since the Oakville News update on January 4, 2022.

  • 4,101 active cases – plus 354
  • 64 cases in hospitals in Halton – min 1

  • 30,995 total cases (confirmed + probable) – plus 629
  • 246 dead – no change
  • 26,648 recoveries – plus 275
  • 26,894 completed (recovery + deaths) cases – 86.7% of cases
  • 26 active outbreaks – plus 5

Ontario COVID-19 update

A long list of new rules and regulations to combat the spread of the Omicron variant in Ontario is now in place. The full list of these new measures can be read in this Oakville News story by clicking here.

Summary of provincial vaccinations

  • 12.25 million people have received at least one vaccine dose (87.3% of eligible pops.)
  • At least 11.43 million people are fully vaccinated (81.6% of eligible pop.)
  • Administered 27.75 million fax doses (first, second and third) – plus more than 200,000

Changes are from figures in our latest update.

  • 144,282 active cases – min 87 *
  • 2,081 people hospital – plus 791

  • 828,032 confirmed cases – plus 11,582
  • 673,498 recovered cases – plus 11,656
  • 683,750 resolved cases (dead & recovered) or 82.5%
  • 59,137 tests were performed with a positive rate of 28.1%
  • 288 people in ICU – plus 22
  • 138 people on fans – plus 10
  • 973 active, persistent institutional outbreaks – min 9

* Test guidelines and qualifications have changed over the past week, which may affect daily deviations from active cases and similar statistics *

Summary of variants of care (VOC)

These figures are for the number of people who tested positive and further tests confirmed that their specific case is one of a particular variant of care. All totals are only for cases since November 1, 2021.

  • 11,512 total variant COVID cases in Halton
  • 3,619 total in Oakville

Canadian and worldwide COVID-19 updates

  • Canada’s cumulative cases reach 2.3 million; active cases pass 340,000
  • The Winnipeg Police Service declares an internal state of emergency
  • Quebec and Nova Scotia are pushing back the dates when children will return to school
  • There remains a national advisory of force against all non-essential travel
  • The Yukon reports its 16th overall death due to COVID; schools there remain open
  • The federal government announced the delivery of 140 million rapid tests in the month of January
  • 87.25% of Canadians 12 years of age or older are fully incarcerated
  • The World Health Organization has reported more than 2 million COVID news incidents in the past 24 hours

Summary of national vaccinations

  • 31.28 million people have received at least one vaccine dose (81.79% of the total pop.)
  • At least 29.25 million people are fully vaccinated (76.49% of the total pop.)

  • 69.34 million total doses administered
  • 205,822 active cases – plus 20,899
  • 2,358 active hospitalizations – plus 259

  • 2.35 million confirmed cases to date
  • 1.95 million recovery – plus 40,000
  • 30,456 dead – plus 57
  • Ranked 85th in global deaths per capita at 81.12 per 100,000 people

US COVID-19 Update

World COVID-19 Update

  • 293.75 million cases – plus more than 3 million
  • 5.45 million people have died worldwide
  • 58.6% of the world population has received at least one vaccine dose (source: Our World Data)

The evidence is clear: vaccination is the best way to protect. Local, provincial, national, and international health units all confirm the same data that Canada’s approved vaccines are effective in protecting you against COVID-19 and significantly reducing your risk of becoming ill, going to the hospital, and dying from the disease.

Pictured right is a graph from the Halton region showing how dramatic your risk of becoming ill or being admitted to hospital upon vaccination is.

Provincial Public Health officials stress the importance of vaccination, and schedule a free booster shot as soon as possible, whether through the provincial website or at pharmacies such as Rexall or Shoppers Drug Mart.


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