Jason Wolf: Bills take control of AFC East with season-defining victory over New England | Buffalo Bills News | NFL

Defeating the Patriots, who lost two in a row, saved the season.

“We continue to learn lessons with … a young football team and young leadership team,” McDermott said. “It’s hard to follow a season like last year with a similar season next year. That’s part of the challenge, and so I’m just proud of the way the boys have progressed and the management team has stepped up.”

The Bills seemed like the title contender of the jump they were expected to be around, and kept the Patriots without a first down on their opening possession, which was punctuated by Ed Oliver who fired Mac Jones to force a point.

Buffalo then scored a touchdown on his first drive, with McDermott opting to advance on fourth-and-second of the 3-yard line, instead of settling with a short field goal in the red zone, as has become standard practice.

'He Was Unbelievable': Bills WR Isaiah McKenzie dies when the turn comes

McKenzie’s striking performance helped seal the Bills’ 33-21 victory over the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium. His 125 receiving yards and 11 catches were career highs.

Allen, who had enough time to sit in the box and explore the field, beat McKenzie for the score, giving Buffalo a 7-0 lead. The 13-play, 61-yard drive lasted nearly seven minutes.

“To have that confidence in us means a lot,” Allen said of going for it on the fourth down. “If you turn this around and keep converting you, what a killer it is for a defense. And that’s a very good team we just played. … Have that confidence to go for it in those situations on the fourth down, that’s big for us.That gives us some groove, gives us some confidence going forward, and so I can not thank the coach enough for putting us in that position and believing in us. ”


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