Jeff Bezos says he spends more on his land fund than on space

  • Jeff Bezos was asked to respond to critics who say billionaires should focus on Earth rather than space.
  • Critics miss the fact that “we have to do both and that the two things are deeply connected,” he said.
  • Bezos said he spends more money on his charity for climate change than he does on space.

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Amazon founder and Blue Origin CEO Jeff Bezos has responded to critics who say billionaires spend too much money on space travel and not enough on solving problems on Earth.

These critics miss the fact that “we have to do both and that the two things are deeply connected,” Bezos said during the Ignatius Forum event on Thursday.

Bezos said he spent more money on the Bezos Earth Fund, a philanthropic project announced in February 2020, than he spent on space travel. The stated goal of the philanthropic project is to spend $ 10 billion on combating climate change by 2030.

Neither Bezos nor his interviewer at the event mentioned any critics in particular, but after Bezos flew to the edge of space in July, he attracted criticism from public figures, including the rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, billionaire Bill Gates and Prince William.

Bezos also talked about the importance of space travel and said that there is an enormous amount to be done here and now, and we can not forget that. But at the same time, in a deeply connected way, we need to look to the future. “

“We humans have always done both things, we have always looked at the here and now, we have always looked to the future. And this planet is so small, if we want to continue to grow as a civilization, use more energy as a civilization , most of it in the future has to be done off-planet, “he added.

Bezos has previously said he believes humanity will have to move “all polluting industry” out into space.

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