Jordan .. Re-examination in the absence of a young man from his family leads to a shocking surprise

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The competent authorities in Jordan were able to obtain new information on this case through a new investigation of the case of absenteeism in 2013 in Amman, and confirmed the existence of suspicions that the absent youth were subjected to a murder.

The media spokesperson of the Directorate of Public Security in Jordan said that the investigation teams in the Department of Criminal Investigation, formed on behalf of the Director of Public Security to re-investigate unknown cases and cases of absence, by re-investigating the file of the absence of any of the events in 2013 in the capital, to obtain new information about those cases. The case confirmed the existence of suspicions that the absent youth was subjected to a murder.

He added, according to what was published by Jordanian media, that the new information gathered about the case after reopening the file led to the suspicion of the youth’s father, and with further investigations, the investigators have evidence and information that confirming that the youth was murdered by his father when he was arrested.

By questioning him, he admitted that in 2013, after a dispute with his young son, he stabbed him while they were alone in the house, and that he then hid the body and went circulating as a missing person who left the house and did not know his destination.

The case has been referred to the Public Prosecutor’s Office by the Supreme Court.


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