Kaley Cuoco Sues Pete Davidson For Wearing Hoodie And Sweatpants To Fun Meeting Premiere

Kaley Cuoco looked really glamorous when she stepped on the red carpet earlier this week with none other than Pete Davidson, her co-star in the new Peacock movie Meet cute. It’s been anticipated for a while, but what made headlines this week was her co-lead, who literally wore a hoodie and sweatpants to the premiere event. Luckily, his co-star has a bit of experience in the world of comedy and took the whole thing up a notch.

The former big bang theory star was literally in the middle of an interview when Davidson showed up. She spoke to ET when she looked back she noticed her Meet cute co-star, and did a double take. The outlet didn’t even have to ask her what she thought of the look, while dryly noting,

I’m glad Pete was dressed up for the occasion. I’m so happy.

Hilarious. She then turned to the earlier SNL star, calling him out and also telling him to his face, “I’m really glad you got dressed tonight.” For his part, the actor seemed a little upbeat about what he got away with on the red carpet, but maybe that was just his normal facial expression. For me, it’s even better to see Cuoco’s side reaction in this still from the interview.

Kaley Cuoco screenshot looks at Pete Davidson in horror.

(Image credit: ET)

All’s well that ends well. The two got together and took some photos that clearly rolled around the internet with Kaley Cuoco wearing a sharp looking blazer dress and Pete literally wearing green sweatpants. I also don’t think anyone talks enough about the fact that he also wore sunglasses on the Meet cute carpet.

Kaley Cuoco and Pete Davidson on the red carpet

Credit: Photo by Roy Rochlin/WireImage

The whole is reminiscent of time Jason Sudeikis threw on hoodies with support of Ted Lasso at awards ceremonies during the pandemic. In that case, the events were virtual and came at a time that many actors like Tom Holland went pants free and more in interviews as a joke. It was a whole atmosphere. That is not so much the case now.

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