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AC Transit doesn’t
duplicate BART service

Re. “Three can lead AC Transit past financial woes,” Page A8, Sept. 11:

AC Transit does not “duplicate” BART transbay service. Rather, it supplements by going to where BART can’t, and relieves traffic congestion by removing cars from the road. BART, alone, cannot do the job. Plus, many riders either feel safer above ground or don’t want to deal with the inconvenience of transferring from bus to BART, and back.

AC’s transbay riders actually subsidize the district’s local service and the district would be foolish to discontinue transbay service. Transbay riders pay their fares and many locals do not. It’s fiscally prudent, and a great service to the transportation grid, for AC to not only continue the service but to rev it back up to pre-pandemic service.

George Mathews

Ames keep taxpayers
in mind on BART board

Elizabeth Ames is running for reelection to the BART Board representing District 6.

At BART, the interests of the taxpayers and BART riders do not always get the attention and priority they deserve. Ames has worked hard and effectively to change this and can be counted on to continue doing so. She is bothered by what appears to be the undue influence of outside pressure groups and, as an engineer, works to improve both BART’s operation and its construction projects while at the same time keeping a close eye on costs.

Ames is actively engaged in trying to make things better at BART, while at the same time remaining intensely focused on and loyal to the interests of the southeast Bay Area. She deserves a second term at BART and the taxpayers and BART riders need her there.

Gerald Cauthen

“Homelessness” is
not about housing

To have any hope of solving a problem, one must first correctly identify the underlying problem.

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