Manage your customer engagement with Amazon

“Manage Your Customer Engagement” is the latest feature Amazon has released for brand-registered sellers, proving once again that Amazon’s future belongs to brands.

This new feature will allow brands to launch marketing campaigns for their buyers. Giving customers the opportunity to interact directly with your brand will improve customer engagement across the platform.

How is Managing Your Customer Engagement Useful?

As we mentioned, Amazon focuses more on brands and less on retail / online arbitrators. Having a good brand is about customer loyalty and building a long-term community around this brand.

Your new customer engagement strategy should use this tool to create an emotional connection with both previous buyers and brand supporters you may have gained on the platform. You can announce new product releases with additional templates on the way. Remember, this feature is new, so expect it to become more robust over time. This of course helps you with product launches by contacting loyal customers who have already bought from you!

Keep in mind that this is not a substitute for requesting reviews and feedback from your buyers. This is more of a marketing tool than a reputation builder. You still need a tool like Seller Labs PRO to communicate with buyers after a purchase.

What are brand followers?

Brand Followers has been slowly rolling out over the last few years. In an effort to increase customer interactions, Amazon allowed customers to follow a particular brand. They would receive emails with product updates, sales, new product launches or anything else that would likely build the customer relationship. However, these messages originated from Amazon, not the brand itself.

Amazon follows brands feature

How can I create a campaign?

As this new feature is still in the early stages of rollout, it is not available on all accounts. If your account is eligible to create an email campaign through Customer Engagement on Amazon, you can create it with four simple assets.

  1. Brand Logo
  2. Product – As this feature is currently designed to promote new products, a selected product for the campaign must be made available for purchase for the first time within the last 6 months.
  3. Support image – This is a great opportunity to include a lifestyle image! You do not have to reinvent the wheel, so feel free to use an image that is already on your Amazon listing.
  4. Scheduled time

For the most part, Amazon has to approve the campaign. It is estimated that it may take up to 72 hours to approve the shipment, so plan accordingly.

What can I do if I do not yet have the Customer Engagement feature?

There are still so many ways you can enhance your customer’s journey with your brand without the customer engagement feature in Amazon. The main goal will be to increase customer retention with Amazon brand followers.

Amazon posts

Amazon Posts is just like Instagram for Amazon. It allows brands to upload images outside of the standard authentication guidelines, and brand supporters can interact with these images! Posts are currently optimized and focused on the mobile experience, but you can access a sample feed here.

To find out if Amazon Posts is right for you, check out this post!

A Comprehensive Guide to Amazon Posts: Is It Right for Your Brand?

Is Amazon Posts Right For You? Here are 3 reasons to use this visual tool as part of your brand building and social media efforts.

Amazon Live

You do not have to be a video expert to go live on Amazon! Around the holidays, a prominent toy company had a Live set up, and saw some people put together some block sets. We have also worked with companies that had set up a camera in their production warehouse to show how goods are made. You can even just sit down in front of the camera and host an interview or offer live customer service.

Amazon Live allows you to interact with shoppers live on Amazon. You can only include specific product offers or discounts throughout the duration of the live broadcast. Think of it as the Home Shopping Network, but online.

Email lists and social media

We imagine that Amazon will roll out this feature to brands with the highest number of followers. Increase your Amazon Amazon followers now by tapping your existing email lists or followers on social media. If a customer feels a strong connection to your brand, encourage them to follow your brand on Amazon.

Does that mean you do not want to use these groups as part of your broader marketing strategy? Absolutely not! It will just help you become a challenger to the new customer engagement feature and give you the opportunity to grab buyers who may not be following you on social media yet.

Managing your customer engagement is a great tool for improving the customer experience, but only if you qualify. There are still great ways to improve customer satisfaction and build brand trailers even without this feature. Also try using email marketing, social media and more.

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