McConnell asked Cheney to stop criticizing Trump and warned that it would hurt the GOP: Book

  • McConnell asked Cheney to stop criticizing Trump, warning that her position could hurt the GOP in 2022.
  • Cheney texted McConnell in May 2021, saying he had made a mistake by blocking a two-part commission on Jan. 6.
  • Her text referred to a statue of Clio, “Muse of History,” sitting in the American Capitol.

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Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell told Rep. Liz Cheney to stop criticizing former President Donald Trump and warned her that it could not only hurt the Republican Party’s chances in the mid-term 2022 period, but also hurt her own re-election prospects.

That is according to ABC News reporter Jonathan Karl’s upcoming book, “Betrayal: The Final Act of the Trump Show,” a copy of which was acquired by Insider prior to its release Tuesday.

In late May, Republicans in the Senate voted to set up a bipartisan commission to investigate the January 6 storm of the U.S. capital.

“After careful consideration, I have made the decision to oppose the House Democrats’ slanted and unbalanced proposal for another commission to study the events of January 6.” said McConnell on the Senate floor on May 19th.

After the vote, Cheney McConnell sent a text message telling the Senate top Republicans that she thought he had made a mistake. According to the book, her text referred to Greek mythology and one of the oldest works of art sitting in the Capitol.

“Historian David McCullough has described the statue of Clio, the Muse of History, standing above the north door and the Statuary Hall. She takes notes in her book and reminds us all that our words will be measured by history,” Cheney wrote in his book. text to McConnell according to Karl’s book.


Clio, “Muse of History”, part of the Car of History Clock in the Statuary Hall at the US Capitol on October 11, 2006.

Scott J. Ferrell / Congressional Quarterly / Getty Images

McConnell apparently did not respond that day. He called Cheney a month later to tell her she should stop criticizing the former president, Karl wrote.

McConnell reportedly told the Wyoming Republican that it was time to move on and that her continued public stance toward Trump would hurt Republicans in the 2022 midterm elections and potentially jeopardize her own re-election in Wyoming.

McConnell supports Cheney’s re-election efforts, telling Fox News in May that she is a “leader with deep convictions.”

But by the time McConnell issued his warning to Cheney, her public condemnation of Trump had already cost her a position among the GOP leaders in the House. Cheney also went on to draw a Trump-approved primary challenger in Harriet Hageman, a former family friend.

Cheney now serves as the Republican vice president of a select committee in parliament investigating the January 6 Capitol attack. The group was set up by the House Democrats after a failed attempt to set up a bipartisan commission to investigate the uprising. The committee has issued dozens of subpoenas to Trump employees and filed charges against Steve Bannon, who was arrested Monday by the FBI on charges of criminal contempt for Congress after refusing to cooperate with the committee.

McConnell’s office did not respond to a request for comment.

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