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Prince Charles planned the dismissal of Brother Andrew at Christmas

PRINCE Charles planned Andrew’s resignation before receiving full support from son William, The Sun may reveal.

The Prince of Wales sharpened his knife over Christmas, deciding that his brother was “on the way” and should be relieved of all military titles, patronage and his HRH status to protect the royal family.

He sought advice from William, who spent the holiday season with his wife and children at their home in Anmer Hall in Norfolk.

Royal experts say Charles’s powerplay shows how he “has to flex his muscles” to help the queen now that she no longer has her husband Philip by her side.

A source told The Sun: “The collective view was that Andrew was harming the whole family.”

Andrew, 61, was left without family support, it is understood.

Another source revealed: “Charles first decided that Andrew should go.

“He felt that he was just walking out of the way. That he discussed it with William in the days between Christmas and New Year and his son completely agreed with him. William and Charles then told the queen that they were of the same opinion. Finally it was the Queen’s final decision, but she told her she shared her opinion.The Queen and Andrew had their final talks on the matter on Thursday.

A third source said: “William thought it had to be resolved. His views were similar to Charles’ in that it had to be sorted. He did not think the Duke of York treated it quite well.

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