Mel Gibson gives us an update

It’s not every day you have one of your childhood heroes on the phone, but that’s exactly what happened to me recently when I had the chance to interview the one and only Mel Gibson. The legendary star is promoting a movie he stars in called Bandit, which tells the true story of bank robber Gilbert Galvan Jr (played by Josh Duhamel), who robbed 59 banks across Canada in the 1980s using just a handful of disguises and some frequent flyer miles. Gibson plays a seedy character named Tommy Kay, who helps fund his hairdresser; he seems to be having the time of his life. Indeed, Gibson seemed enthusiastic about the film’s outcome and the experience of working with both director Allan Ungar (the famous Uncharted Live Action Fan Movie) and Duhamel. We’ll have the full Q&A ready in a day or two, but during the interview I couldn’t resist asking Gibson about the status of Deadly Weapon 5which he seemed optimistic about.

This is what he told me:

“It’s in the works, you know? It’s one of those things where it’s a good idea if you ask me. I worked on the screenplay, which of course was started by Donner (the late Richard Donner)…and of course he and a guy had a pretty good template. Donner passed away, of course. And then I sat down and we kind of finished with the script and I loved working with Richard Wenk, the writer. You know, it’s a pretty good document. I dig it a lot. I think what held it back is Warners having them change hats over there… you know… this guy got fired, and this guy took over and Discovery and all that stuff. You sometimes get lost in the shuffle as they try to regroup and organize themselves. It will come. I don’t know exactly when, but it will happen.”

Gibson also shared his thoughts on the late Richard Donner:

“He was the greatest. I loved that man. I’ve worked with him six times and he was just… a joy. He was the best.”

We’ll be getting a lot more from Gibson later this week, including a story about when he almost played James Bond, his thoughts on the underrated Buy the Gringoand his great time working with Ungar and Duhamel on Bandit (which is actually a great little movie).

Bandit opens in theaters and on-demand Fridays via Quiver. Check back later this week for our review and interviews with Josh Duhamel, Elisha Cuthbert and more.

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