Melania Trump wanted to send mirrors to African children: Book

  • Melania Trump wanted to send mirrors to children she met in Malawi, writes former aide Stephanie Grisham.
  • Grisham said children asked Americans to take pictures of them because they did not know what they looked like.
  • “Kids need to know what they look like and see that they are very strong or very beautiful,” Grisham quotes her.

Former First Lady Melania Trump wanted to send full-length mirrors to children she met in Malawi so they could “see that they are very strong or very beautiful,” writes her former top aide Stephanie Grisham in her upcoming tell-all memoir.

Grisham, who at the time served as Melania’s communications director, told about her trip to Africa in October 2018, the first lady’s first solo trip abroad, and how moved she was by their visit to the small East African country of Malawi.

While touring Chipala Primary School, Grisham wrote that the entourage’s entourage was “surprised” that children at the school asked their American visitors to take pictures of them on their phones “so they could see what they looked like.”

“As soon as we returned to the United States, she wanted us to send full-length mirrors to school,” Grisham continued, quoting Melania as saying, “We need to send school mirrors. Children need to know what they look and look like, that they are very strong or very beautiful. ”

Grisham wrote that while Melania was “insisting” on it, the request was shot down by the former first lady’s then chief of staff Lindsay Reynolds, who in Grisham’s report said the White House town hall had decided to send the mirrors would be “a responsibility.”

“Of course only my opinion, but I never really thought it was true, because on more than one occasion Lindsay shared with me that she thought it would be a PR nightmare, a model that sent mirrors to African children, “wrote Grisham. “Everyone in the White House thought they were experts in communication; that was the story of my life.”

In the memoir “I’m Taking Your Questions Now,” due to be released on October 5 and collected by Insider prior to publication, Grisham reveals new anecdotes about former President Donald Trump and the former First Lady. She describes an overall toxic and dysfunctional environment in the White House.

Grisham was one of the few close acquaintances with the notoriously private Melania, who pursued a few initiatives as first lady but did not seek the limelight. Grisham wrote that she was nicknamed “Rapunzel” by the Secret Service and was largely checked out of action at the end of her husband’s term.

Spokesmen for Melania have publicly condemned her former top aide in personal terms, calling her a disgruntled former employee who sought payday.

“The author is desperately trying to rehabilitate his dilapidated reputation by manipulating and distorting the truth about Mrs. Trump,” Melania’s office said in a Monday statement. “Mrs. Grisham is a deceptive and troubled person who does not deserve anyone’s trust.”

The former first lady’s office previously blasted Grisham’s memoir as “an attempt to redeem himself after a poor performance as a press secretary, failed personal relationships and unprofessional behavior in the White House” and accused Grisham of “seeking to gain relevance and money at the expense” by Mrs. Trump. “

Grisham told ABC’s “Good Morning America” ​​on Monday that she “expected” the attacks on her credibility, but has the “receipts” to back her claims.

“I notice she’s not denying anything completely in the book yet, I think she knows I have a lot of receipts to show that I’m completely honest,” Grisham said.

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