Mercedes-Benz teases the ultra-efficient Vision EQXX concept


We are already in love with this long, swoopy silhouette.


Mercedes has spent a lot of time developing its EQ series of electric vehicles over the last few years and it has given us amazing cars like EQS. It seems that Mercedes as always is not willing to rest on its laurels (it’s a joke for all the Mercedes nerds out there) because Vision EQXX (like the one teased on Wednesday) looks pretty wild.

Mercedes promises that EQXX – which is scheduled for a digital debut on Monday, January 3, 2022 at. 9 PT – will be its most effective model yet. Given the extraordinarily long and swoopy silhouette that the company presents in its teaser, that claim does not seem entirely insane. But beyond effective, what is EQXX?

Well, that’s not entirely clear at this point. Still, we know that Mercedes ‘designers aim for the EQXX to be “a leader in electrical” and “a leader in car software”, but perhaps Mercedes’ plans will be made more clear post-digital debut when the car is proud of space on Mercedes’ booth at the CES show in Las Vegas.

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Hands-on with Mercedes’ Hyperscreen display in EQS


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