Michelle Wu swore in as Boston’s first Asian-American mayor

  • Michelle was sworn in on Tuesday as the first woman and colored person to be elected as Boston’s mayor.
  • Before the city’s first Asian-American mayor took office, Boston elected only white men as mayor.
  • Wu defeated Annissa Essaibi George in the city’s parliamentary election for mayor earlier this month.

Michelle Wu was sworn in on Tuesday as the first woman and colored person to be elected mayor of Boston.

Earlier this month, Wu, 36, defeated Democratic co-candidate and City Councilwoman Annissa Essaibi George in the city’s parliamentary election. Before becoming the city’s first Asian-American mayor, Boston had elected only white men to the mayor’s office.

“The city council is special,” Wu said after taking office. “We are the level closest to the people, so we have to do the big and the small. Every street lamp, every road hole, every park and classroom lays the foundation for greater change.”

“After all, Boston was founded on a revolutionary promise: that things do not have to be as they always have been, that we can pave a new path for families now and for future generations, based on justice and opportunity.” she continued.

Wu ran a campaign on progressive policies such as removing tariffs on the city’s public transportation system, the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MTBA).

She also proposed a revision of the city’s economic planning and development by abolishing the Boston Planning and Development Agency to create a municipal body that is more focused on affordability, traffic constraints and climate action.

Kim Janey, president of the Boston City Council who served as acting mayor after Marty Walsh joined the Biden administration as labor minister, congratulated Wu after she was sworn in. Janey also ran for office after the election, but lost in the preliminary election in September to the top two seats in the general election.

“I know Boston is in good hands and I’m so proud to call you Madam Mayor,” Janey said.

Senator Elizabeth Warren, a Democrat representing Massachusetts, also congratulated Wu, who attended Harvard University and Harvard Law School, where the U.S. senator previously worked as a professor.

“From teaching her law school to working together in many just fights, I know Michelle is fighting from the heart with big, bold ideas and wants to do a great job,” Warren tweeted Tuesday.

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