Mopar is going big at SEMA next month

Mopar is going big at SEMA next month

Mopar has prepared a number of modified vehicles to show up in Las Vegas next month.


The annual specialty equipment market trade show kicks off in Las Vegas, Nevada early next month. Generates some hype for this event dedicated to the car market, Mopar Monday teased a couple of vehicles it plans to show at SEMA this year.

Stellantis’ internal parts division did not share any details about these undoubtedly heavily modified machines, but Mopar released a wealth of sketches suggesting what it would have displayed. The first illustration seems to tease a modified one Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 4xe plug-in hybrid. This evil-to-the-leg off-roader seems to have special cover and open doors, though it’s hard to see as the picture is densely cropped. Perhaps this sketch predicts an even more electrified Wrangler, one with a range of more than 21 miles.

Of course, Ram also gets a little love at SEMA. One of the other sketches published by Mopar appears to show a Hellcat-powered TRX truck kicking up some dirt (OK, a lot of dirt). These pickups feature a 6.2-liter Hemi V8 compressor that delivers 702 horsepower and 650 pound-feet of torque, delivering both good performance and regrettable fuel economy. Possibly outweighing the intimidating consumption, the grill letters of this truck are outlined in blue, while the front towing hooks appear to be the same shade. Could this suggest some kind of electrified drive unit lurking underneath? It could be exciting.

Can the Jeep Wrangler get some sort of safari tag option?


Another teaser Ram shows a dark blue-colored truck equipped with a bed seat. This is not unusual, but this sketch also shows what appears to be a tent to one side, suggesting that the Stellantis division could debut some sort of pickup concept in Vegas next month.

Of all the SEMA teasers released by Mopar, the one that shows what appears to be a Wrangler equipped with a Range Rover-style safari top may be the most interesting. It’s hard to say exactly what’s being shown here, but it certainly looks like a Wrangler crowned with a hard roof that has individual glass windows for generous outward views. Does it show that a new lid will be made available on this venerable SUV? Your guess is as good as ours.

Finally, a Jeep military truck teaser was released by Mopar. This shot seems to show a Kaiser Jeep M715 from the late 1960s, but it’s just a guess. Whatever this rig is, it’s seriously cool, with a classic hood with top, square bumper, olive-colored paint job and a lot of light to cut through the darkest nights. It will be interesting to see if this vehicle is a modified classic truck or a modern jeep built to look like something from the brand’s past. Jeep has gone both routes in recent years with concept cars. Either way, the good news is that we should not wait too long to find out.

OK, this is the coolest teaser picture Mopar released, no hassle!


The annual SEMA show runs from November 2nd to 5th. Mopar should have these vehicles on display — along with hundreds of factory-assisted performance parts and accessories — at its booth in the South Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Mopar is going big at SEMA next month

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