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Last week, YouTube TV and NBCUniversal confirmed a “short-term” expansion to retain 14+ popular channels on the popular live TV service. Then over the weekend, the two announced a final deal. As a result, you no longer have to worry about losing access to multiple NBC channels and regional sports networks, as they will all remain on YouTube TV in the future.

The two companies had a very public spit over contract negotiations that sounded quite tense. On September 30, the contract ended and users were losing all NBC Universal channels on the service. In addition, YouTube TV was ready to lower everyone’s bill by $ 10 a month. However, this crisis has been averted, and here’s what YouTube had to say about Twitter.

After a week of tense negotiations, the two agreed on a deal. It sounds like NBC wanted to include its Peakcock streaming service on YouTube TV, but it never happened.

We are pleased to see that the two entered into an agreement just a few days before a number of channels were dropped. Here’s a complete list of all the NBCU channels you can still access on YouTube TV, depending on the region:

  • Local NBC station
  • Bravo
  • CNBC
  • USA
  • E!
  • Oxygen
  • cows
  • CNBC World
  • The Olympic Channel
  • The golf channel
  • NBC News Now
  • Syfy
  • Universal Kids
  • Universe
  • NBC 4K content
  • NECN
  • Telemundo

In addition to the popular main channels above, NBC Universal has a wide range of regional sports under the NBC Sports line. These show Sunday Night Football, college football, the NHL and several others, making YouTube TV great for streaming live sports.

  • NBC Sports Net
  • NBC Sports Bay Area
  • NBC Sports Bay Area Plus
  • NBC Sports Boston
  • NBC Sports California
  • NBC Sports California Plus
  • NBC Sports Chicago
  • NBC Sports Chicago Plus
  • NBC Sports Chicago Plus 2
  • NBC Sports Northwest
  • NBC Sports Philadelphia
  • NBC Sports Philadelphia Plus
  • NBC Sports Washington
  • NBC Sports Washington Plus

In the end, we are happy that the two were able to make a deal, become friends and let the customers continue to enjoy what they originally paid for. We do not know the terms or length of this new agreement and we hope that this will not be a problem in the future.

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