Netflix edits Squid Game phone numbers after prank calls

Netflix is ​​hugely popular Octopus game gets an edit after phone numbers shown in the series rang real numbers, which led to what the company described as “unfortunate” jokes.

The Korean drama about a sadistic “game” in which players cannot choose to participate in a series of twisted challenges contains visible phone numbers in several scenes (a phone number is also clearly visible in Octopus game trailer).

Reuters, who previously reported the news, quoted Netflix and production company Siren Pictures as saying that they intentionally did not include a complete number and were not aware that the number shown would reach a real line.

Netflix confirmed to The edge that the numbers displayed in Octopus game gets edited and adds that it hopes the change will end the fun calls.

A man claiming to be the owner of the number told local media he had been “bombarded” with messages and calls, adding that they had made it difficult to live his life normally. However, it seems that several people may have received calls from enthusiasts Octopus game seere. Netflix did not immediately send a request for clarification as to whether the series had affected one or more local numbers.

Octopus game has been a massive success for Netflix and became the streaming service’s top title in the US last week – it was also a top title starting this week – the first Korean series to claim this top spot, according to Netflix. It’s great for the creators of the series and definitely a win for Netflix. It is probably safe to assume that the poor (s) receive funny calls from coincidences Octopus game devotees, however, feel differently.

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