Netflix launches ‘Play Something’ for Android users

Netflix is ​​officially bringing its shuffle feature to its Android mobile users.

The company originally started testing the Play Something feature back in April, but it officially launches the feature globally on Android today. The tool – which lets Netflix select anything you can watch – is now available on TV and Android mobile devices, but it is not yet supported on iOS. However, Netflix said it will begin testing the mix feature on iOS in the coming months.

Separately, Netflix is ​​also launching its Fast Laughs feature – which was launched on iOS earlier this year – on Android mobile devices today in select markets including the US, Australia, Canada, Ireland, India, Malaysia, the Philippines and the UK. The tool serves as a highlight with funny clips from its series and movies. It’s a bit like TikTok, but specifically for Netflix fun.

Finally, Netflix said Monday that it is bringing its downloads to you tool to iOS in the coming month. The opt-in feature, originally launched earlier this year on Android, automatically downloads things to watch offline based on your viewing history. It is a nice feature to have turned on if you e.g. Planning to travel and will not forget to download content for offline viewing before your trip.

The Play Something button, which launches today on Android, can meanwhile be found on mobile devices in the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen or roughly around the 17th row on the website.

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