New firfirter discovered!

New firfirter discovered!

Scientists have discovered a new lizard species in Peru, the National Conservation Agency said on Tuesday.

The new species, called Liolaemus warjantay, was found in the Peruvian Andes at an altitude of 4,500 meters (14,700 feet), according to a statement from the National Service of Natural Areas, which is protected by the state.

“A valuable contribution from Peru’s protected natural areas to the world is the recent discovery of a new firfirts,” the statement said.

The lizard’s head is dark gray and the females have light yellow eyelids.

The find was registered a few weeks ago in collaboration with researchers from Argentina, Chile and Bolivia.

The Cotahuasi Subbasin Landscape Reserve, where lizards were found, is a protected area in the Arequipa region of southwestern Peru with an area of ​​490,550 hectares (1,900 square kilometers).

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