Nitr0 explains the move to Team Liquid CS: GO, what happened to 100 Thieves Valorant

Cinnamon: By the time I decided to switch to “Valorant”, I was, quoting unquote, the biggest name to swap or most achieved from “Counter-Strike”, at least without considering other games like “Overwatch”. At the end of the day, going to “Valorant” was a pretty good story for that community. But now that they’re deciding to go back to “Counter-Strike,” it’s even more interesting to people because they say, ‘Oh, is he going to get sick? Should he wash up?’ For me, it’s pretty exciting – knowing that people are thinking about it at all, that they want to see me to see how I perform, to see how the scene is doing, it’s not too often that you see a person swap games and be pretty good at both.

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