North London Derby EXHIBITION – Cartilage Free Captain

According to Alasdair Gold on Twitter this morning, tomorrow’s North London Derby between Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal is OFF. The announcement will be made shortly this morning.

Tottenham were ready to play the match tomorrow at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, but Arsenal had called on the Premier League for the postponement as they only have 12 players from the first team available. The Gunners have injured several players, one player suspended due to a red card, two players currently away with the African Cup of Nations, just loaned out two players last week, and had one (1) suspected COVID-19 positive test.

Through the letter of the league’s COVID era proposal policy, which does not specifically dictate that you need multiple COVID positive tests as an epidemic to be eligible for a proposal, Arsenal meets the criteria for a proposal, although it’s pretty rich the Gooners are this will be granted after yelling in protest after Liverpool successfully postponed the first leg of the Carabao Cup semi-final between the two clubs due to what last week was a series of sketchy COVID fakes turned out to be positive.

In addition, I would really like to know how the Premier League justifies this proposal when they forced Leeds to play a match (against Arsenal!) Earlier this season during a COVID epidemic with only nine healthy seniors. But whatever. That we may not get. Mostly, I find this whole scenario just darkly hilarious.

I do not think this is necessarily a MIN outcome for Spurs – they are already ready to play without Eric Dier, Cuti Romero, and Son Heung-Min and this gives them extra time to (hopefully) get back on the team and get back on speed. But wow, on face it looks like a load of horse poop, doesn ‘t it?

We will wait for the official confirmation, but this looks like it will be Tottenham’s fourth game this season. Wheeee!

Update: Confirmed. The match is officially closed.

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