NSW records 11,903 new COVID-19 cases, seven deaths; 11,083 new cases in Victoria, seven deaths; Anthony Albanese out of isolation; Electricity prices more than double; First BA.4 sub-variant detected in NSW; World Health Organization verifies 11 more attacks on health care in Ukraine

Anthony Albanese was back on Today this morning from Sydney’s inner west after a week of COVID-19 isolation.

The Opposition leader has been asked about inflation and the cost of living.

“The truth is the cost of everything is going through the roof, and everything is going up except people’s wages,” Mr Albanese said.

“This inflation figure just tells Australians what they already knew.

“Every time they go to the supermarket, the cost of things is going up and up.”

Today host Ally Langdown said she “does not think people want to hear politicians telling us what the problem is anymore”.

“People are living this every day, they know what the problem is,” she said.

“They want to know how you are going to fix it.”

Mr Albanese said he was going to fix it by “having a plan to address wages”.

“We’re going to lift productivity through the national reconstruction fund, by having the National Broadband Network operate properly to lift the productivity of businesses.

“Then the way you can place better profits and better wages – the only way you can do that without placing pressure on inflation is by making sure you have those productivity improvements, and we are aiming at that as well.

“We will have cheaper childcare. We will help over a million families – they will be better off with our cheaper childcare plan.”

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