On The Verge happens October 22nd and 23rd and you are invited

On The Verge happens October 22nd and 23rd and you are invited

Hi, Verge friends! It’s almost 10 years since we launched (can you believe it?), And to celebrate we’m having a big party. It’s happening on October 22 and 23 in New York City – and we hope you enjoy it.

We are holding this party in Spring Studios, which has a rich tradition of bringing creative people together to show the future of technology, art and culture. The edge will completely transform the space in two days and fill it with special guests, live performances, interactive art and games, great food and drink and an opening night party.

Here are some of the things we’re excited about:

ONE Verge exclusive premiere screening

Everyone who participates in On The Verge will see the debut of our biggest documentary to date, Springboard: The secret story of the first real smartphone. A decade before Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone, a tiny team of apostates imagined themselves trying to build the modern smartphone. Almost forgotten by history, a small startup called Handspring separated from the ordinary tech world to try to invent the future before the present was ready for it. And although Handspring has been relegated to the margins of technology history, many of the predictions they chased in the late 90s would be correct. After the screening, we hold a live Q&A with Dieter and Nilay.

Live performances

Our opening night party features a live performance by The Stickmen: a fantastic DJ and drummer duo that will transform our expo space with light and sound. And we have a great selection of other talented DJs to bring the space to life throughout the event.

A unique indie arcade

We have brought together a wildly creative group of artists and creators to create On The Verge fun and interactive. It includes the folks from the Wonderville Arcade in Brooklyn who will put together their unique selection of games for guests to enjoy. (We’ve especially excited about The Giffinator, which lets you put yourself and your friends inside one Verge animated GIF.)

Experimental art

We bring together creators working on the edge of the future, including the wildly talented Zach Lieberman: an artist, researcher and educator who creates performances and installations that take human gestures as input and amplify them in various ways. He brings several works to On The Verge, including Reflection studies, which will transform one of the largest spaces in Spring Studios into an interactive art experience.

Creators Studio

We turn the roof of Spring Studios into a space for interactive conversations, demos and performances – including science and tech demos, a creative illustration class and a repair school that hosts our friends at iFixit. And if you just want to hang out, you can enjoy spectacular views of the city while enjoying some of the best food and drink it has to offer.

All day programming

On top of all this, our main stage will be packed for both days with the event featuring live performances and conversations with special guests. Visit the event website to learn more about who’s coming.

This is The edge‘s first major event and it will not be our last. We hope you enjoy the start of the next 10 years The edge, which is getting bigger, brighter and more exciting: just like the future we imagine.

Note: COVID-19 is still a reality, and health and safety for everyone at the event is our first priority. So everyone who joins us must follow masking protocols and provide confidential evidence of vaccination. Stay tuned: We keep everyone updated on the latest health and safety requirements.

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