PA sends all commercial drivers in the state

  • Pennsylvania has urged 375,000 commercial licensees to alleviate the shortage of bus drivers.
  • It will send details of the shortage to all licensed drivers in the state, an official told the AP.
  • Pennsylvania has 42,000 school bus drivers – the fewest in five years, the official said.

Pennsylvania has appealed to 375,000 local drivers with commercial vehicle licenses to stop the gaps in the state’s shortage of bus drivers, AP officials said Thursday.

Pennsylvania currently has 42,000 school bus drivers, which is down 2,000 from 2017 and the lowest number in five years, Kurt Myers, the state’s Deputy Secretary of Transportation (DOT) for driver and vehicle services, told AP.

The shortage has made it difficult to get some students to and from school, Myers told the AP.

The DOT planned to contact all current holders of a commercial driver’s license (CDL) in Pennsylvania, Myers said. The DOT will also tell CDL holders how they qualify to become school bus drivers, Myers told the AP.

He also said the state DOT would offer an extra day of testing CDL skills every week on a Monday for four consecutive weeks from October 18th.

“We will do everything we possibly can to expand the number of people with school bus endorsements in order to get our children to school. That is the critical part of all this,” Myers told the AP.

Insider has contacted DOT for comment.

Pennsylvania is not the only state fighting for drivers.

A charter school in Delaware said in August that it would give parents $ 700 per year. Child to drive their children to school. In Massachusetts, Governor Charlie Baker activated 250 National Guard members to help transport students to school.

In an attempt to tackle its own shortcoming, the state of New York said on September 20 that it would ask more than 550,000 commercial driver’s license holders if they would become school bus drivers.

Meanwhile, companies across the United States are struggling with a labor shortage that is affecting several industries. Some workers say they do not have to take low-wage jobs in such a competitive labor market.

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