Porsche increases the availability of the Paint to Sample color program

I’m taking all three, please.


Porsche is expanding the availability of colors in its Paint to Sample program in response to strong customer demand, bringing the total number of paint colors offered to over 160 and making them easier to order. PTS is now also available on every single car in the Porsche series, with the Cayenne and Taycan Recently added, the automaker confirmed Monday.

This is partly made possible by a recent expansion of the brand’s factory in Zuffenhausen, where 718, 911 and Taycan are produced. Porsche was previously only able to build five 911s in PTS colors a day, but now the capacity is 20 cars a day. The four-door models have capacity for about four PTS cars a day, though it may soon be expanded for the Taycan. Going with a PTS color also does not add any extra time to the production process.


Taycan is the latest model available with PTS.


Almost all of the available PTS colors are historical shades used on previous Porsche models. Some were offered on entire model lines, while colors like Rubystone or Acid Green were the signature nuance for specific models. 911 and 718 have over 100 different PTS colors in the catalog, while Taycan has 65 shades, and Cayenne, Macan and Panamera are offered with over 50. Going with a PTS color costs $ 11,430 for most Porsches, although that number rises to $ 12,830 with GT cars and 911 Turbo.

For those who want something outside the pre-approved PTS range – e.g. a paint color from another car manufacturer or something completely customized – Porsche also offers Paint to Sample Plus. Available on all models except the Cayenne, PTS Plus lets customers bring a paint sample to Porsche to see if it can be converted to a bespoke color. Each color must pass a feasibility test, which can take up to 11 months, and luckily Porsche covers the costs if it ends up being unable to produce the desired color. That’s a nice gesture, as the PTS Plus ranges from $ 22,860 on ‘regular’ cars to $ 25,660 on GT models and the 911 Turbo.

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