Prince Andrew planning to ‘flee’ to Bahrain amid royal exile?

Prince Andrew may be planning to flee to Bahrain as he continues to be stymied by the British royal family, especially with King Charles as the monarch, with political activists criticizing him for his “toxic” connection to the Gulf state.

This latest diatribe of the disgraced Duke of York comes just days after he reportedly took a lavish holiday to Bahrain last week as a ‘personal guest’ of the Bahrain royal family.

From The sunPrince Andrew was the subject of a scathing attack by Sayed Ahmed Al Wadaei of the Bahrain Institute for Rights & Democracy, who criticized the British royal family for encountering Bahrain police on many occasions despite his “record of violence”.

Wadaei also made an explosive claim, saying Prince Andrew “contemplated fleeing to Bahrain when his relationship with Epstein first came to light.”

“This reflects how deep his shameful relationship is with Bahrain’s corrupt dictatorship,” he said.

Also an insider tellsd The sun that Prince Andrew ‘could have a new home and life in Bahrain’ if he is ‘not wanted in the UK’.

It is pertinent to mention that Prince Andrew has been to Bahrain many times over the years; he visited King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa’s second son, Sheikh Abdullah, in 2014, opened a British naval base in 2018, and also visited the country twice in 2019.

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