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Brett Taylor is stepping down as co-CEO of Salesforce, and Marc Benioff is staying on as CEO

Salesforce’s Brett Taylor in 2019. David Paul Morris | bloomberg | Getty Images sales force He said Wednesday that Brett Taylor, the enterprise software company’s vice president…

IoT News – Remote Monitoring and Tracking

A new AWS IoT Core is launched Location service powered by LoRa Cloud™ Collaboration simplifies the creation of asset tracking solutions and seamlessly connects LoRa Edge™ devices…

CNN taps Alvarez to work on the White House staff

Priscilla Alvarez CNN has Promotion Priscilla Alvarez for the position of White House Correspondent. Alvarez joined CNN in 2019 as a reporter covering immigration politics and policies….

Stocks rose in UST with the surprise of inflation

The domestic stock market closed 0.4 percent higher, recovering from early losses after consumer prices rose less-than-expected in October.

Citystate Travel for Asia Business for One Global

Singapore-based Citystate Travel has joined the recently launched One Global alliance of travel management companies and will be the exclusive service provider for Asia in the partnership,…

Downsizing your trucking business due to supply chain issues? Here’s how to sell used trucks easily

Trucking is one of the most profitable industries. This sector accounts for nearly 70 percent of the economy and is largely responsible for bringing things closer to…

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