Resident Evil: Welcome to the Raccoon City movie finale, explained the scene after crediting

Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City Wesker and Jill

Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City’s post-credit scene may include Albert Wesker or Jill Valentine. You will need to read on to find out.

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Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City brings zombie outbreak action to U.S. theaters Wednesday with a video game adaptation that stays close to the source material. The film fuses the stories from the first two games and sees familiar faces trying to escape a city doomed by Umbrella Corporation’s unethical experiments. Its post-credit scene adds yet another classic character to the mix.

Claire Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy fight to survive in Hell’s Raccoon Police, while Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine and Albert Wesker try to uncover the mysteries of the spooky Spencer Mansion.

Let’s look at who survives and the possibilities for continuation. Be warned, SPOILERS messing up your way.

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The film’s finale sees Claire, Leon, Jill and Chris, as well as Sherry Birkin, flee the city on a train out of Umbrella’s underground laboratory, researching biological weapons. The scientist William Birkin, who is terribly mutated by the G virus, tears himself through the train and makes one last attempt to slaughter them all.

As Birkin prepares to swallow Claire, Leon arrives with a rocket launcher he apparently found in first-class section. I guess only Umbrella’s fancy people will have access to explosive ammunition.

A rocket finishes the monstrous scientist, and the group flees to the outskirts as the umbrella erases Raccoon City (and proves its crimes) off the map. It does not know about the five survivors who will no doubt be out to expose its evil.

This is similar to the last moments of the second game and its 2019 remake, with a few tweaks. Jill and Chris are not present in the game; Jill escapes the city Resident Evil 3, while Chris is in Europe exploring Umbrella as the city falls.

Mid-credits survivor

It turns out that there is a sixth survivor as we cut to a morgue and a figure in a corpse bag who suddenly sits up. Albert Wesker (Tom Hopper), the treacherous captain of the elite STARS police unit, who had apparently been fatally shot after shooting Annette and William Birkin down, came out.

It is revealed that he was rediscovered by the mysterious spy Ada Wong (Lily Gao) and revived by a virus, but the process has done something to his eyes. Ada hands him a pair of sunglasses and says there will be other side effects.

“What do you want?” asks Wesker, getting a concealed raised eyebrow from Ada.

Ada Wong in the Resident Evil 2 remake

Ada Wong’s most recent game appearance came in the 2019 Resident Evil 2 remake.


What does it mean?

This short scene leaves us a lot to unpack. Wesker, who was hired by a mysterious organization to steal Umbrella’s secrets, is nowhere near as dead as his allies think he is. He has been amplified by an unknown virus and is apparently in debt to Ada and her shadowy group, who are likely to play into a sequel.

So much secrecy, so many references that will be lost on people who have not played the games.

Wesker in Resident Evil 5

Wesker goes full megalomaniac through the game series before taking the stage in Resident Evil 5.


What happens to Wesker in the games?

In the games, Wesker was an umbrella researcher who was appointed to act as its agent within STARS, which essentially gave the company power over the group. In the original game and its 2002 remake, STARS is drawn to Spencer Mansion so they can fight T-Virus bioweapons and get battle data for Umbrella.

However, Wesker intends to abandon Umbrella and bring its research data to a rival pharmaceutical company in exchange for a new position. He reveals his betrayal to the survivors of STARS and puts Umbrella’s ultimate creation, the towering Tyrant, on them. It puts Wesker on spears with his big old claw, apparently killing him, leaving his bloody corpse to explode along with the rest of Umbrella’s facility.

His survival is explained in Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles. After the STARS have taken the Tyrant down and fled, Wesker wakes up on the floor in the lab. Knowing how dangerous his confrontation with STARS would be, the villain injected himself with a mutant T-Virus strain that gave him improved stamina, regenerative abilities, and amazing red eyes.

He uses his new powers to escape Spencer Mansion before it explodes in the air, and he operates in the shadows for years. He reveals his survival to confront Claire and Chris Redfield in Resident Evil: Code Veronica, who comes into an epic battle with Chris at the end of the game. (I saw this movie so many times as a teenager. It’s such a very early joke.)

Wesker’s coolness and ridiculousness are both screwed up to 11 in Resident Evil 5, where he makes his ultimate move and tries to trigger a virus that will kill or develop all of humanity, depending on their genetics. His looks and abilities are extremely Matrix in this game, and absolutely lovely to watch.

The last chapter of the game sees him fight Chris and friends in a volcano because it should end up in the most dramatic place imaginable (this is where Chris famously hits a boulder). Wesker mutates into a terrible tentacle animal, and gets his head blown off by two rockets as he wades through lava. Goodbye, Wesker. We’ll all miss you.

What’s up with Ada?

Super spy Ada Wong has been femme mortal since Resident Evil 2, but is still quite mysterious. When we first encounter her, she works for the rival pharmaceutical company Wesker, who jumps off and enters the doomed Raccoon City to get a sample of the scientist William Birkin’s G virus.

She forms a bond with novice officer Leon S. Kennedy, and the couple falls in love. She is apparently killed near the end of the game, but manages to escape the city before its destruction.

Since then, Ada has appeared in various games working for a number of organizations, and has often acted as a dual agent while working towards an unknown purpose. Despite her questionable morals, she tends to secretly undermine the villains and help our heroes.

She plays a major role in Resident Evil 6, but it does not reveal much about her. That game is an intricate, overly long mess and the only feature in the series you should just avoid.

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