Samsung has not completely forgotten its Tizen smartwatches

When Samsung dropped the bomb that it dropped the Tizen for Wear OS 3, it promised not to leave older Galaxy Watch models in the dust. Now Samsung has announced that Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Watch 3, Galaxy Watch Active and Galaxy Watch Active 2 will get new dials and health features as part of One UI 4.

Fall detection is not new on Samsung’s smartwatches, but today’s update will allow you to adjust the sensitivity of the feature. According to Samsung’s press release, it says you can “choose to detect a drop when standing still.” Previously, Samsung’s fall detection feature was designed to detect hard falls when running or moving. Activating the function will automatically send an SOS message to preselected contacts. That said, the feature is limited to Samsung’s newer Tizen watches and does not come with the original Galaxy Watch or Galaxy Watch Active.

Examples of the fall detection feature of a Samsung watch.

Tizen users can adjust the sensitivity of Samsung’s drop detection feature.
Image: Samsung

Another small health feature update is Group Challenges, which lets you keep track of competitors from your wrist. All four smartwatches will also get 10 new dials launched last summer with the Galaxy Watch 4. As for when all these updates will come, Samsung says they will get to Bluetooth devices first and the LTE rollout will come sometime later. The company also says you need to update to the latest Galaxy Wearable app and Galaxy Watch plugin.

A showcase of the 10 new dials

The new dials for the Galaxy Watch 4 come for older models.
Image: Samsung

All in all, these are not worldwide updates, but it’s encouraging to see that Samsung has not given up its Tizen smartwatches – especially since the Galaxy Watch Active 2 and Galaxy Watch 3 were still fresh when Samsung announced that they would give up on Tizen. Google has also steadily added and improved features in Wear OS 2, including Gboard and a revamped Play Store. It is especially important to see that Samsung and Google support the older hardware as the switch to the new unified Wear OS 3 will be uneven. Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 series represents the only smartwatches that have the platform right now, and only a handful of existing Wear OS watches will be eligible to upgrade in 2022.

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