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Kindle Paperwhite on a white background.

Have you spent the last year pushing yourself to start reading again, only to make your brain turn the moment you open a book? I’ve encountered the same problem, but over the last few months, a Kindle has helped me break past the mental blockage.

Maybe it’s because the Kindle is small enough to slide in any bag, or because the model I use, the Kindle Paperwhite, is waterproof. Either way, Kindles makes it easy to get started reading again, and you can buy one for just $ 60 during today’s Amazon Epic Daily Deals sale.

Here are all Kindles (and bundles) for sale today:

The basic Kindle, which is only $ 60 below today’s sales, is more than enough for most people. It has a comfortable 6-inch screen with an adjustable headlight for outdoor or night use plus an anti-glare screen.

But you should definitely consider the discounted Kindle Paperwhite (2018 model), which costs $ 15 more than the regular Kindle during this sale. It is waterproof, its backlight is much more efficient than the basic Kindle’s headlight, and it has a pixel density of 300ppi for sharp text and images.

Whichever Kindle you choose, I suggest ordering it today. Amazon’s Kindle sales may not last long, and similar sales may take a few months to bake your head.

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