Score a lot this Green Monday on this 2022 Mac Power User Bundle

We are not sure if this is completely true or if there are statistics to prove it (knowing that the internet is probably a place), but there is a saying floating around that says “when you have had a Mac, you will never go back. ” But there’s no doubt that Apple users love their devices for a variety of reasons, with the top one often referred to as “they just work.” But as with most things, there is always room for improvement, and one way to upgrade your Mac is with this 2022 Power User Bundle.

Back in 2018, the number of Mac users exceeded the 100 million mark, and that number remained on an upward trajectory. With constant upgrades and new features, people at Apple strive to make your experience always faster, fresher and safer. By keeping your device (and yourself) up to date, you can enhance what the Mac has to offer.

If Media is your guarantor, this package is made for you. Through the four core apps offered, you will be able to download, stream and mirror your favorite music and videos easier and faster. Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars in the Mac App Store, Elmedia is a video player that plays pretty much any file with a quality you really want to appreciate. Apple World Today describes Folx Pro as a “powerful download and torrent manager.” It is fast and browser friendly and allows you to schedule your downloads when it suits you. MacWorld says it all when it comes to Airy: “A straightforward, easy-to-use YouTube downloader that gets the job done on your Mac.” The package is rounded off with JustStream Pro, an app that allows you to stream video files to any screen in the house.

So if you have an audio file or video file on your Christmas list that wants to turn their Mac into a media powerhouse (or you happen to be one yourself), this is a great stocking stopper. For our Green Monday sale, we are offering this bundle at a 20% discount on our already discounted price. Just enter GREEN20 at check-out and you only pay $ 31.20.

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