Senator says HBO’s ‘Succession’ shows how rich people get away with bad behavior

  • Late. Sherrod Brown said a hearing in “Succesion” was “not as realistic as it might have been.”
  • But he is a fan of the show and said it gives a realistic picture of how rich people get away with things.
  • Brown also said a fictional senator on the show appears to be based on Senator Bernie Sanders.

Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown of Ohio is a fan of HBO’s hit show “Succession,” and says in a new interview with Time that the series offers a realistic depiction of how exorbitantly rich people behave badly and get away with it.

“Whatever they do, no matter what mistake would affect the rest of us, they never pay a price for it, and no rules apply to them,” Brown said. “And it’s pretty discouraging when you think about such people who have so much influence on our economy and on our government. What’s disturbing about that is the power that such people have where I work, and on Wall Street, and that voters continue to allow those kinds of people to have that kind of power in their own lives. “

Connie Schultz, a Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist and Brown’s wife, posted a viral tweet earlier this month about an episode of “Succession” that involved a dramatized congressional hearing.

“I see #Succession along with the chairman of the Senate Banking Committee and Holy Canols the ongoing comment,” Schultz tweeted.

Brown told Time that the congressional hearing on the show “was not as realistic as it might have been” because cousin Greg, played by Nicholas Braun, was too easily abandoned. To context: Cousin Greg was involved in a disguise of malicious activity of the cruise ship division of the fictional company at the center of the series (Waystar Royco, owned and operated by the Roy family), and stumbled upon his testimony to Congress.

Greg “would have been the one from the congressional hearing that they would not have let go,” Brown said. “Even pro-corporate Republican senators, who always let corporate interests dictate their actions – their legislative and other political actions – he would not have gotten away with it.”

Brown also said he thought Senator Gil Eavis, a fictional congressional legislator in the series fighting to get Waystar Royco down, was likely based on Senator Bernie Sanders. The Ohio Democrat said he liked how Eavis “took on the Roy family,” but added that the character “did not seem so genuine as to do what my colleague Bernie is, frankly.”

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