Shakira accuses Spanish tax authorities of “using her” to set an example

Shakira has criticized the Spanish tax authorities for “using her” for exemplary purposes, to the point of “violating” her right to privacy.

The well-known singer, who is under investigation for alleged tax fraud, states that she has paid more than 104 million euros in taxes worldwide since 2011.

The briefing from her lawyers

Shakira has been charged with tax evasion of €14.5 million between 2012 and 2014, when she allegedly pretended not to live in Spain.

EFE has accessed Shakira lawyer’s letter, in which she accuses the Spanish tax authorities of having set up a “media campaign” with the sole purpose of “forcing” the singer to “admit guilt and come to terms with the charges despite her innocence” .

For the defense, the Tax Office acted with the “unacceptable aim” of “instrumentalizing” the Colombian singer with “exemplary purposes for the rest of the Spanish taxpayers”, and to that end committed “unusual acts” during the investigation of the case.

specifically, ShakiraThe legal team accuses the Treasury of resorting to “measures that violate the right to privacy, such as requests to medical centers to obtain reserved information, such as appointments and exam results” to show that the artist was between 2012 and 2014 in Spain stayed more than 183 days a year and therefore she had to pay taxes in this country.

However, the Colombian star’s defense claims to have “reliable evidence” that she “beyond a doubt” did not spend most of the year in Spain. As stated in the certificates issued by the Bahamian authorities, she was a tax resident of the country from 2004 until the end of 2014 when she settled in Barcelona due to her relationship with footballer Gerard Pique.

For this reason, they claim that it is “radically incorrect” that she simulated her stay in the Bahamas and emphasize that since she started a relationship with Pique in 2011, her visits to Spain to meet the footballer, “in the few days off that her intense professional schedule allowed her”, were always “publicised” even on her own social networks.

When she decided to settle in Barcelona in 2014 Pique she “explicitly” communicated it for the right purposes to the tax authorities, who accepted it “without discussion”, thus assuming that she had not lived in our country until that date”, and since then she has “meticulously” filed her taxes paid in Spain despite not being the “center of economic interests”.

Shakira claims she spent up to 60 days in Spain in 2011 as her world tour included performances in cities such as Abu Dhabi, Bologna, Budapest, Bucharest, Belgrade, Croatia, Munich, Beirut, Minsk, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Rabat, Leon, Tijuana , Hermosillo, Genoa and Puerto Rico.

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