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The good news: YouTube TV is getting a long-awaited feature that’ll make sharing the service with your family much more tolerable. The bad news: that feature should also become available for Chromecast with Google TV users at the same time, and it probably will not.

What’s this amazing feature, you ask? Super easy and fast account switching for families, of course! According to a recent Tweet from YouTube TV’s Twitter account, the feature is rolling out to all YouTube TV users, allowing everyone in your family to have their own separate account. The Tweet also includes a GIF that shows a user navigating between multiple user profiles and the “Add Account” button. It even shows which accounts are signed out, and which one is in current use.

The much-needed feature is starting to roll out to everyone now. You might already be able to see it if you use the service, but if not, Google stated that the feature will be “hitting your accounts gradually,” so give it time.

And while it’s nice to see that feature (finally) rollout for YouTube TV, we’d love it if Google applied it to Chromecast with Google TV, as well. Multiple user account profiles (and an easy way to switch between them as needed) would make it easier for individual users to get personalized content recommendations, which is always a good thing.

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