Six anti-Vaxxers arrested after NY Cheesecake Factory ‘Sit-in’

  • A group of anti-waxers protested at a Cheesecake Factory in New York City, refusing to abide by their COVID-19 vaccine policy.
  • The restaurant management asked the protesters for proof of vaccination or otherwise to leave them in accordance with the city mandate.
  • Police responded to the incident in which six people were arrested for criminal intrusion.

An anti-vaccination protest at a Cheesecake Factory in New York ended with six arrests and threats of further action by the anti-wax group.

A group of people opposed to COVID-19 vaccinations and mandates walked into the Cheesecake Factory in Queens on Tuesday night, refusing to show evidence of vaccination and refusing to leave when asked about the restaurant and police, a spokesman for NYPD to Insider.

New York City requires proof of vaccination for coronavirus to enter and guard restaurants, gyms and other indoor establishments. Vaccine and worm mandates have been a controversial issue in the United States during the coronavirus pandemic, with opponents saying it violates their personal freedoms. Meanwhile, the enforcement of mask and vaccine regulations is often left to retail and hospitality workers.

Footage of Tuesday’s incident, obtained and tweeted by an organization called Patriot Takes, showed protesters walking past the host stand and sitting at several tables, as well as cases of people arguing with Cheesecake Factory employees and police officers. According to the description of the video, the protesters had “jumped over the queue” of obedient patrons.

Six protesters were arrested for criminal mischief, the NYPD spokesman told Insider. It is unclear how they will invoke. In one video, one of the anti-waxes compared the police to Nazis, while another threatened to sue the police.

The group behind Tuesday’s anti-wax protest could not be reached for comment.

Following the arrests, members of the group were seen singing for police to release the detainees, with some of the group heading to the area to continue protesting. According to a flyer circulating Twitter, the group intended to protest at the Cheesecake Factory site and police area again Wednesday.

“This was an unfortunate incident,” Alethea Rowe, Cheesecake Factory’s senior director of public relations, said in a statement. “The company simply complies with the local COVID-19 vaccine requirements ordinance.”

During the pandemic, front-line employees in the retail and food service industry have continued to deal with angry customers over laws and corporate policies that are most often out of their control.

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