STEMA, a new dawn for SACO Bank in Kenya

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STEMA, a new dawn for SACO Bank in Kenya


A new path is shining for the Sako sub-sector in Kenya. Product innovation and technology diffusion have transformed traditional SACO banking across the country.

The market is led by Stima DT Sacco which has revolutionized Sacco banking in Kenya with customized financial solutions that empower its members, from aggressive young investors to the more cautious veteran savers. In a market thirsty for responsive financial products that meet emerging needs and deliver value, Stima has competitively won market confidence as Kenya’s high-yield Sacco, giving positive returns to investors.

Sacco offers attractive dividends and rebates, and increases members’ wealth. Members enjoy a high dividend rate on equity capital, clocking 14 percent in 2021. Similarly, SACO is synonymous with high-interest discounts on Alpha Deposit savings, clocking 10.75 percent in 2021. Moreover, SACO STEMA members can Access to low premium insurance products, such as medical coverage and an auto insurance policy.

Stima Sacco has emerged in the market as a caring and listening investment partner, offering a wide range of customized financial solutions to its members, giving them help in life.

Below-market loans

Members can take out loans at low interest rates, and have access to deposit-based loans of up to five times their Alpha Deposit savings. They also enjoy a high limit of loans based on salary of Sh 3 million. The processing time for loans is within 24 hours.

Membership in Kenya’s top performer Sacco provides 24-hour access to Sharia-compliant banking and Stima Sacco Mlangoni banking services. Members also have access to 24 hour alternative banking channels: M-PAWA Mobile Banking and ATMs. Sacco members have access to fast and convenient M-Pawa mobile loans of up to Sh120,000.

Attractive “Jipange na Kwako” Mortgage Loans

Time for “Jipange na Kwako” (Plan for Your House) with Stima Sacco. At a time when the housing sector has been hit hard by rising mortgage rates, Stima Sacco has bravely stepped up to counter Kenya’s growing housing deficit with one of Kenya’s most ambitious and competitive mortgage products. SACO has responded to the need for decent and affordable housing with flexible mortgage rates of up to 9 percent annually on a diminishing balance, with an extended repayment of up to 25 years.

Members enjoy a maximum of Sh4 million in mortgage loans in Nairobi and Sh3 million outside of Nairobi. With a minimum deposit of Sh 200,000 Alpha Alpha Deposit and a minimum equity of Sh 20,000, you can “Jipange na Kwako” and own your dream home with Stima Sacco. Sacco has opened its mortgage facility to individuals who are permanently employed under contract.

“Jipange na Kwako” mortgages give members access to funds at competitive rates. Compared to what is currently on the market, “Jipange na Kwako” has flexible security requirements and is therefore customer sensitive. With a mortgage, members are free to buy an already built residential home or use the money to build their dream home.

The product is available to Salaried Stima Sacco members who have made regular contributions for an uninterrupted six months prior to the application date. They must also have demonstrated their ability to repay the loan by not more than two-thirds of their base salary. Applicants must have worked or worked for at least 12 months, and be in a current job for at least six months.

Stima Sacco has embraced inclusivity and diversity in empowering communities with access to Sacco. Sacco has expanded its membership base, attracting employees, entrepreneurs, corporations, groups, investors, Kenyans in the diaspora and Yasar Sharia.

Sacco has enabled Kenyans in the diaspora to save, get affordable credit, and invest back home, without the hassle. Diaspora banking also gives members access to secure and affordable money transfer options with easy access to virtual monitoring of their accounts.

Become a member of Stima DT Sacco

1. Fill out the membership form.

2. Submit a copy of your national identity card, a passport size photo, and a KRA personal identification number.

3. Submit other KYC documents according to the membership tier.

Sako’s choice

  • High dividend yield on capital, recording 14 percent in 2021.
  • High-interest discounts on Alpha Deposit savings, hitting 10.75 percent in 2021.
  • Low premium insurance products, such as medical coverage and an auto insurance policy.
  • Deposit-based loans up to five times your savings in Alfa Deposit.
  • High limit on salary based loans up to Sh 3 million.
  • The loans were processed within one day.
  • Banking services compliant with the provisions of Islamic Sharia.
  • Banking services from Stima Sacco Mlangoni Agency 24 hours a day.
  • 24 hour alternative banking channels: M-PAWA Mobile Banking and ATMs.
  • Fast and convenient M-Pawa mobile loans of up to Sh120000.

For more information, please contact us:

the phone: +254703024000

E-mail: [email protected]

Site: Stima Saco Plaza Moshimbe Street, Parklands

[email protected]

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