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Liberal Karen should be the next bobblehead figure. Exhibit A: The irrational hypocrisy of a mask-loving woman was actually taken so far, she had to be taken into FBI custody. “The mid-flight kerfuffle would be escalated over an argument over face masks despite both passengers not wearing a mask or not wearing face masks properly,” Breitbart News reports.

The trial, which was captured on video and immediately went viral shooting to more than six million views, involves the woman not only raging, but beating the elderly gentleman. The Delta flight traveled from Tampa Bay, Florida to Atlanta, Georgia when the woman who may be wearing a mask insulted the elderly man because he was not wearing a mask.

She stood in the aisle of the plane “getting in the face of the older man sitting on his seat.”

“Put on your f *** ing mask,” the woman asks, to which the man replies, “I eat.”
He then threatens to dump a drink on her head, and she challenges the man, “Stand up a ** **.”

The man exclaims, “Sit Karen!”

The pejorative term “Karen” is slang for a middle-aged white woman who is angry, uncomfortable and right.

An air hostess tries to calm the woman to no avail. A male stewardess asks the woman, “Do you want the police to meet you on the ground?”

The woman asks, “How is he?”

She yells at the man, “Mask up!” Then she orders the flight crew to put on the man’s mask.

The two passengers exchange insults, and then the steaming woman slaps the man in the face.

The man responds by saying, “Now you’re going to jail! That’s attack! You’re going to jail! Once we get to Atlanta, you’ll go to jail!

The woman seems to be winding another punch, but a stewardess holds her back. The woman yells at the man and then spits him in the face. “That’s double going to jail,” cries the man.

A stewardess uses the drink cart to push the man’s wife away.

The man told the flight crew: “Look, she hit me. She hit my face.”

The woman interrupts by shouting, “Put on your f *** ing mask!” She instructs the flight crew again to tell him to put on his mask.

The woman is then escorted to the back of the plane.

The video then jumps forward to the plane landing at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

Another female passenger explains: “She went crazy on the plane – hit this man in the face, spat on him, scratched him.” She added that the detained woman went “hot water” on her leg.

The Atlanta Police Department issued a statement regarding the “disruption” involving an “unruly passenger on a Delta flight” that led to “the injury of other passengers and Delta employees.”

“When the plane arrived at the port, officers were able to meet with departing passengers who advised that the suspect, Mrs Patricia Cornwall had caused a disturbance while in the air,” authorities noted. “Based on the collected statements and visible evidence, officials arrested Mrs. Cornwall and contacted the call FBI agent.”

“The officers then moved with Mrs. Cornwall to the Atlanta Police Department area where FBI agents responded and took information about Mrs. Cornwall,” the statement said.

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