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There are tickets to be grabbed for some major attractions later this year at Symphony Hall in Birmingham with the British Open and Gala Concert weekend

With further encouraging signs at the recent European Championships and the British Open Spring Festival that brass band contesting is adapting to the new post-Covid world.

Organizers of both the Birmingham and Blackpool events reported that they were encouraged by ticket sales, and so it is hoped that the 2022 British Open weekend in September will provide further evidence of long-term revival.

Contest and concert

B: Music the music charity that is responsible for Symphony Hall in Birmingham will also host the return of their Sunday afternoon Gala Concert following the British Open contest, which will feature newly crowned European Champion Cory and Black Dyke as well as a free performance from the National Youth Brass Band of Great Britain.

Meanwhile, there are still tickets available for the 168th British Open Championship which will take place on Saturday 10th September and which will see bands perform Edward Gregson’s ‘The World Rejoicing’.

Information and tickets:

British Open Championship

National Youth Brass Band

Brass Band Gala Concert
Cory & Black Dyke Bands


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