Djokovic in Australian Open draw despite visa uncertainty

Djokovic in Australian Open draw despite visa uncertainty

Novak Djokovic at least knows who he will face in the first round of his Australian Open title defense – if he plays with Because of JOHN PYE AP Sports Writer 13. January 2022, 08:49 • 4 min reading Share on FacebookShare on TwitterEmail this article MELBOURNE, Australia – Novak Djokovic now knows he will … Read more

When am I infected or infected with omicron?

When am I infected or infected with omicron?

It is not yet clear when people infected with omicron become infected, but it may be earlier than previous variants. Because of MATTHEW PERRONE AP Health Writer 12. January 2022, 18:57 • 3 min read Share on FacebookShare on TwitterEmail this article When am I infected or infected with omicron? It is not yet clear, … Read more

Ontario will not tell parents about the school dropout unless 30% out

Officials in Canada’s largest province say parents will not be notified of a COVID-19 epidemic at their children’s school until there is a 30% drop-out rate among staff and students Because of ROB GILLIES Associated Press 12. January 2022, 10:25 • 2 min read Share on FacebookShare on TwitterEmail this article TORONTO – Elsewhere in … Read more

Ketamine shows promise in helping people with alcohol addiction

Photo: Sascha Schuermann / DDP / AFP (Getty Images) New research suggests that ketamine may help people struggling with alcohol addiction. The small randomized, controlled trial found that people with heavy alcohol use disorder given infusions of ketamine reported more days of abstinence at a six-month follow-up than those in a control group. The benefits … Read more

Low rates of vaccination for children against COVID-19 called a ‘good punch’

Suspicion, misinformation, self-doubt and delays due to the holidays and bad weather have combined to produce alarmingly low COVID-19 vaccination rates in U.S. children ages 5 to 11, authorities say. As of Tuesday, just over 17% were fully vaccinated, more than two months after shots were available for the age group. While Vermont is at … Read more

Djokovic admits mistake on Australian travel statement

MELBOURNE, Australia (AP) – Novak Djokovic admitted on Wednesday that his Australian travel declaration form contained incorrect information, and also admitted a “mistake of judgment” in attending an interview and photo shoot in Serbia last month after testing positive for COVID – 19. In a statement posted on his social media accounts, the tennis star … Read more

Things you should never say to someone who is struggling with depression

Photo: Chanintorn.v (Shutterstock) Whatever your experiences with your own mental health, it’s horrible to find the perfect thing to say when someone you care about struggles with depression. But it’s easier to figure out what not to say. All too often, someone who is depressed will “feel ashamed” and “mistakenly believe that they only have … Read more

Omicron may be on a rapid decline in Britain, US

Scientists are seeing signals that the alarming omicron wave of COVID-19 may have reached a peak in Britain and is about to do the same in the US, at which point cases could start to drop dramatically. The reason: The variant has become so wildly contagious that it may be too few people to infect, … Read more

Cannabis compounds prevent the coronavirus from entering human cells

A new study published by researchers at Oregon State University found that hemp compounds have the ability to prevent the virus that causes COVID-19 from entering human cells. Findings from the study, led by Richard van Breemen, a researcher at Oregon State’s Global Hemp Innovation Center, College of Pharmacy and Linus Pauling Institute, were published … Read more